We welcome you to our Christian community. Whether you are here as a visitor, have recently come to live in Ticino or have just found us, we hope you enjoy being with us and will become established as part of the family! 

Our aim is to provide a place of encouragement and support, both Spiritually and in friendship with others. St Edward’s is a place where we can journey with God and deepen our relationship with Jesus.

Whether we journey together for a day, weeks, months or years we want to provide opportunities to use and develop the gifts and abilities you bring with you, to help you discover and explore fresh expressions of ministry and service. We fully support the principle of ‘Every Member Ministry’ and value the contribution you bring to the life of our community. In doing so we hope you find much to bless you here, as you will undoubtedly bless us.

you decide...

As a small community it is possible to get to know one another to the extent you decide and we place no expectations on the level of participation. We are pleased to see you whenever you can attend. Having said that, the Chaplain would welcome the opportunity to get to know you and provide information about St Edward’s.